Meet the Team

Lindsay Laguna, Founder

After graduating FDU in 2015, Lindsay pursued her love for makeup artistry, leading to 4+ years in retail in Nordstrom and Bloomingdales. March of 2020, Lindsay was furloughed from Bloomingdales, NYC and found herself uncertain of the future. She used this as an opportunity to create her own path. She completed her Yoga Teaching Certification at Hot Yoga Revolution.  She decided to combine her love of crystals and spirituality and her retail experience to launch Laguna Bohemia.

In the 4 hours a week she has left after doing everything she has to do, she avoids doing laundry even more. She likes to attend Hot Yoga, cuddle with her cat, Shark, water her plants, and workout with her trainer. She’s working on benching 150lbs by the end of the year.

✧ Patty Laguna, Co-Founder

Being married to a Laguna, and raising two Laguna’s, Ryan and Lindsay, it was an easy transition into this business endeavor. Being a small business owner herself, Patty believes in shopping small, entrepreneurship and working hard.

Patty has been an active member in the SPF Rotary Club for many years and sees the importance of volunteering her time. When not working (which is never), Patty loves spending time with close family and friends, preferably on Long Beach Island.

The letters “G-F” have taken on a whole new meaning. When Patty hears the letters “G-F” it no longer means “Gluten Free”, now it means “Gold Filled”. You can find Patty ordering a medium decaf coffee with a TINY bit of cream. It has to be the perfect shade.

✧ Gene Laguna, Finance & Production

What can we say about this man? Gene Laguna is Laguna Bohemia’s biggest fan. As an entrepreneur himself, when his daughter came to him saying she did not want to go back to corporate America and wanted to start her own business, he was ecstatic. He is the owner of Laguna Associates INC, an insurance brokerage firm in NJ.

Drafted by the New York Yankees right out of college, he always knew how to be a part of a team. Gene doesn’t say no to a job that’s put in front of him and always assists the ladies in making smart business decisions.

When Gene is not working for LB, you can find him shopping at Barth’s Meat Market or playing golf with his buddies drinking a “Laguna” (not to be confused with an Arnold Palmer) which is ¾ unsweet tea, ¼ lemonade in the largest glass you can find.  

✧ Cathy Kobylarz, Sales & Production

Cathy joins Laguna Bohemia following 40 years in education as an elementary school teacher and principal.  Cathy supports the journey philosophy of LB and the beauty of handcrafted products produced through this family business.

Family and friends are always first, followed by a love for nature, reading, and living a healthy balanced lifestyle.

Cathy says that “it’s a team approach to assist our clients in each of their journeys.” Cathy is a vital team member as she keeps the LB team organized, on track, hydrated and calm. She knows how to diffuse any stressful situation.


✧Bridget Whelan, Sales & Production

Bridget.. a new member, but an important one! Bio to come.. 

✧ Carmela Resnick, Production

Carmela is the latest member to join the production team of Laguna Bohemia. Carmela is extremely creative and talented spending many years as an artist, seamstress and sewing instructor. Over the years, Carmela has done her share of volunteering with Scouts, PTA, Rep Theatre and Rotary.

When not working or volunteering, Carmela loves to spend time with her husband Gerry at their lake house, cooking a delicious meal or traveling somewhere with her kids, Alex, Alyssa & Leslie. 

✧ Jenna Williams, Photographer

Jenna has been a photographer for over 10 years and loves being able to freeze time in order to preserve the emotion of her clients forever! More recently, she has been focusing on product photography and as a fellow creative, has a new found love of sharing her clients vision through images of their products!

When she’s not shooting, you can find Jenna in the kitchen cooking for her loved ones. She also loves to be active outdoors with her fiancé and beloved golden retriever Toby.

Jenna and Lindsay were introduced by a mutual friend and clicked immediately and the rest is history. She is so excited to be a part of the LB Family.

✧ Cambria Keefer, Model

Cambria is a southern California native who made her way to Jersey to play Division 1 Softball. After receiving her bachelors and Masters degree from Rutgers, Cambria’s path lead her to her yoga teaching certification at Hot Yoga Revolution where she met Lindsay. Cambria now teaches hot power flows and restorative classes for athletes in collegiate sports.

Cambria loves surfing, hiking, and animals of all kinds. She is a vegetarian who believes that all beings everywhere should be happy and free and she wants her actions to contribute to that reality.