Product Care

Product Care

With a minimal but elegant design, our bracelets were crafted to match the versatile lifestyle of the free spirit wearing them.

Due to its delicate nature, handle with care.  Because our stones are authentic and natural, some may require special care. When not being worn, store in pouch. 

How long your bracelet lasts is based on many things:

  • Your lifestyle- Remember, this is a delicate, handmade piece. Your dog doesn’t know that. Only you know that. Our pieces are made for daily wear. We wear ours at hot yoga, the gym, in the shower, under the faucet, in the ocean and everywhere else!
  • How you care for your piece- when not being worn, store in a small pouch, or in your jewelry box.

Suggested Wear: directly on your pulse for maximum absorption. Less is not more when it comes to crystals. Am I right?

How to Cleanse Your Piece

Cleansing is important to get rid of the old energy your piece has collected and create space for new. If you find your piece was in contact with certain energies, there are ways to cleanse your piece. A clogged piece can actually cause more harm than good, which is why it is extremely important to do one of these rituals at least once a month. 

Ways to cleanse your piece:

  • Place in the moonlight on a full moon.
  • Put in the soil of your favorite plant & remind it of Mother Earth’s elements.
  • When in doubt, smoke it out. Use sage or Palo Santo to cleanse your piece.
  • Place on a selenite changing pad overnight or with your clear quartz.
  • Find a stream or collect some rain water. That will 10/10 always do the trick.